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Too often, children experience circumstances beyond their control that affect their emotional and mental health. Children and families come to Barstow Acres Children’s Center facing challenges ranging from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, behavioral disorders, and other mental health concerns.

Through our mental health services, as well as our developmental and enrichment programs, we offer children and their families an opportunity to heal and rebuild emotionally healthy lives.

Programs Offered

We listen closely to children and families, ensuring that we fully understand their circumstances and needs. By doing this, we are able to find the best and most appropriate solutions for each individual client.

Our programs include:

Individual, Family, and Play Therapy

We offer individual, family, and play therapy for children, adolescents, and adults struggling with behavioral and mental health concerns. Learn more.

Social Skills Group

We offer social skills and parenting classes designed to improve our clients’ socialization and parenting skills. Learn more.

Therapeutic Summer Day Camp and Supervised Visitation

Supporting the parent/child relationship and helping children with behavioral problems develop pro-social behaviors. Learn more.

Parent-Professional Conference and Parenting Classes

We partner with parents in the complex, and often challenging process, of nurturing their child to reach their full potential. Learn more.

What Makes Us Different

At Barstow Acres Children’s Center, we have a passion for children’s work, especially those who are at risk. We demonstrate compassion and caring for the children we serve. Moreover, we fill the gap in services for children 2-5, using play therapy, art therapy, and other modalities.

RESPECT: All clients will be treated with dignity and with the utmost respect regardless of circumstances.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are accountable to our clients and supporters to operate in a manner that incorporates objectivity, fairness, professional competency, and integrity.

QUALITY: Systems are in place to monitor and improve the quality of our services and to obtain feedback from our clients to ensure best practices and customer satisfaction.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Confidentiality will be respected and maintained for all clients.

Get In Touch

Discover the BACC advantage today. For service-related inquiries and other concerns, get in touch with us at 410-414-9901.

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